The act of painting a portrait is the artist's attempt to capture the essence of his subject.It is always through the artist's own eyes so the portrait is as much about the artist as the subject.

I became known as the "one-eyed" artist and I thought this came about quite accidentally, but this little "quirk" in my art does say a lot about me as a person.I do tend to sensor the things I don't really want to see and I have come to call this tactic, "Selective Vision!" My portraits may be stylized but don't be fooled! They reach into the core of the subject to bring out the curiosities and attributes from deep within.

ORIGINAL PAINTINGS :: PORTRAITS All original paintings are acrylic on canvas
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Not Just Another Blond
Not Just Another Blond


Ode to Gianni
Lucky Louie


Family Portrait


Holding Back the Tears




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